Robert Frucher – Leisure Time Tours

Robert Frucher – Leisure Time Tours

Robert Frucher – Leisure Time Tours

This is Robert (Chaim) Frucher, the CEO of Leisure Time Tours. Robert Frucher is also a sexual predator and abuser.

Leisure Time Tours is a Pesach (Passover) program hiring and serving religious Jews for the last 60 years. Employees of Leisure Time Tours need to spend late hours in their Queens-based office setting these Pesach programs up.

During the nights, on a regular basis, Robert Frucher masturbates to pornography videos. When he finds a video to be particularly disturbing, he calls one of his female employees in. Robert Frucher then asks the employee questions about the pornography. Robert does this in an aroused state.

I worked at Leisure Time Tours and I am one of the women Robert Frucher did this too. I dealt with Robert Frucher’s verbal abuse, and inappropriate touching for years–and so did others. There are countless repulsive stories and occasions of employees storming out of the office due to the abuse they’ve sustained.

To all future guests of Leisure Time Tours, know who you are doing business with. The original Leisure Time Tours was run by Daniel Frucher. His son, Robert Frucher, runs things now. Robert Frucher is an amoral man.

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I have watched–countless times–Robert Frucher lie to his accountant, employees, and customers about basic financial issues. Money paid by customers, that was earmarked for their Passover stay, is often spent on Robert Frucher’s personal expenses. Leisure Time Tours owes over 2 million dollars in back taxes to the IRS. Leisure Time Tours has also defrauded multiple partners.

I, and the other employees involved with these events, deeply care about Pesach. As an observant Jew, I know how impossible it is to change your Pesach plans last minute. I implore you to not risk your Pesach and money on a Leisure Time Tours Passover event.

We are building a case against Robert Frucher and need your help.

  • Have you been sexually abused by Robert Frucher?
  • Have you worked for Robert Frucher and saw something you know was wrong?
  • Have you taken one of Leisure Time Tours’ Passover programs and saw something disturbing?
  • Have you been defrauded by Robert Frucher?

If so, email You may be eligible for compensation.

Visit our financial fraud page if you’ve had any financial dealings with Robert Frucher or Leisure Time Tours.